Westwind Orchard Goldrush Cider 2017

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Westwind Orchard is a family owned organic orchard specializing in natural hard ciders and Italian-inspired farm-to-table food. They chose not to become certified organic because it allows them to pursue holistic remedies that may not be allowed under the strict approach that is dictated by certification, so they call their approach “biointensive”. All of their ciders are dry, unfiltered, sulfite free and naturally effervescent. The 2017 Goldrush Cider is dry and citrusy with soft tannins that do linger on the palate, giving your senses a great ride. There is very little, almost no, residual sugars, so this is an “almost fully dry” dry cider. The balance of acid, tannins, and what remains of the sugars make this cider pleasantly complex, but still very approachable. Organically grown, low-intervention, vegan.

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