Weingut Maria & Sepp Muster Sauvignon Blanc 'Grafin' Styria 2011

Article number: Weingut Maria & Sepp Muster Grafin 2011
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Maria and Sepp Muster took over his family’s winery in Styria (Steiermark, Austria) in 2000 and started working the vines biodynamically. Before they inherited the land, it had never seen herbicides or pesticides before, so it was an easy transition. Their philosophy is that the soils are the past, present, and future, so everything they do is done in the interest of retaining the vitality of the soil, plants, and animals. Their vineyards sit on beautiful steep hills made of rocky clay and silt, known locally as “opok”. Their labels are pieces of artwork by their late friend, Beppo Pliem, with the intention of expressing the natural interaction between earth, sky, and grape. The “Gräfin” is 100% sauvignon blanc that spends between two and four weeks on its skins followed by two years of aging in barrels, giving it a beautiful light orange color and intense aromatics with a smooth tannin structure and a complex, bright drinking experience. Biodynamically grown, low-intervention.

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