Weingut Kirsten Weissburgunder Mosel 2016

Article number: Weingut Kirsten Weissburgunder Mosel 2016
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Bernhard Kirsten took over the family winery from his parents in 1992 and together with his wife Inge von Geldern, built a reputation as a leading producer of dry-style wines in the Mosel. Located on steep slopes in the Middle Mosel, in 2018 Weingut Kirsten became part of Schlossgut Liebieg. The vineyards now cover 20 hectares, but Bernhard continues to make the wines, and the commitment to producing well-crafted, sustainable wines remains the same. The winery is certified Fair’n Green - a seal of sustainable viticulture that helps winegrowers objectively measure and achieve sustainability goals including vineyard and cellar management, biodiversity, reduction of CO2 emissions, and marketing, among others. This delightful new white is 100% weissburgunder (pinot blanc). Pinot blanc is a genetic mutation of pinot noir, different from pinot grigio/gris, and these grapes come from gray slate soils, lending a delicate minerality. Crisp, clean, and immensely refreshing, it bursts with pear, apple, and stonefruit flavors and hints of lemon and honeysuckle. It finishes with a precise combination of palate-cleansing acidity and elegant minerality. Organically grown.

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