Vorspannhof Mayr Zweigelt Niederösterreich 2017 1L

Article number: Vorspannhof Mayr Zweigelt Niederösterreich 2017
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Winemaker Walter Buchegger married into the Mayr family and convinced his wife’s family to bottle their own wine from their estate fruit. Located in Dross in the Lower Austrian region of Niederösterreich, this all estate-grown, organically farmed zweigelt is made by Walter’s nephew, who took over the winemaking after his uncle passed away a few years ago. 100% zweigelt, this evokes the juicy, irresistibly-drinkable character of gamay with a hat tip to the earth, spice, and plush texture of syrah. Succulent mulberry and cherry fruit, bright acidity on the finish, and subtle notes of crushed herbs and proscuitto (in a 1 L bottle!) make this a must try for anyone looking to explore new grapes or regions. Organically grown.

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