Von Hovel Riesling Kabinett Monopollage Hutte Mosel 2017

Article number: Von Hovel Riesling Kabinett Monopollage Hutte Mosel 2017
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Max von Kunow assumed von Hövel in 2010, taking over for his father Eberhard, and has nearly doubled the vineyard holdings while at the same time converting the entire estate to organic. Located in Konz-Oberemmel, a side valley of Saar in the Mosel, they operate out of a 12th century manor house, which initially served as an abbey retreat for the famous wine monastery of St. Maximin in Trier. Max’s father also did not produce any dry wines at the estate, wholly favoring sweet, but Max chooses to do both and always encourages indigenous yeast fermentations for all. He is meticulous in the winery, allowing certain grapes to see some skin contact while others are not, being very specific of what goes into which of his cuvées. The grapes for this riesling come from the Hütte vineyard, which has red slate, quartzite, and detrius soils, and the wine is vinified and aged in neutral oak. It has tons of stone fruit and flowers, with streaks of cherry, rose, and bergamot. It has 38g of residual sugar, which is lower than the typical Mosel Kabinett, so it does have sweetness but certainly not cloying, with racy acidity to make it feel fresh and balanced. Organically grown

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