Vino Gross Colles Sauvignon Blanc Stajerska 2016

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From the importer:
Michael Gross is the fifth generation, entrusted with opening a new chapter in the family story across the border in Štajerska Slovenija (the region’s official name, which translates to Styrian Slovenia). In 2004, luck brought the Gross family prime vineyards in Gorca and Colles, some 60 km south of their home in Ratsch, Austria. The family began restoring the vineyards, with a focus on white varieties traditional to the region, especially sauvignon blanc and furmint. In 2011, Vino Gross was born and as of 2019, Michael and his wife, Maria, have taken on full responsibility for the estate. And they are focusing intently on traditional varieties, farming organically, hand harvesting, working with spontaneous fermentations, malo, extended lees contact, and bottle aging. The name “Colles” goes back to the Imperial period and was once known as “Kollos,” a hilly wine land. After a 24 hours of skin maceration, the juice from the Sauvignon Blanc underwent spontaneous fermentation with malolactic fermentation taking place in big oak (2600L) barrels, where the wine remains on the lees for 12 months, with an additional 6 months aging in stainless steel. The Gross family knows how to handle aromatic grape varieties, and this sauvignon blanc shows an elegant restraint with citrus and herbal notes in the forefront, paving the way for a salty-mineral crunch on the palate. Stunning sauvignon blanc that could seduce any lover of Sancerre. Organically grown.

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