Vina Maitia 'Aupa' Pipeno Maule Valley 2018

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Pipeño wines are honest, small-scale, traditionally made Chilean wines of the most recent harvest; a style of winemaking which dates back to the late 16th century. Often drunk by vineyard workers, they are unique to the regions of the Maule, Itata, and Bio-Bío Valleys, which are among Chile's most traditional and rural wine areas. Maitía is the project of partners and winemakers David Marcel and Loreto Garau, who specialize in making light, lively, extremely drinkable wines through careful grape selection, and "Aupa" is no exception. A blend of 85% native país (or mission) grape, and 20% carignan, this is bright and clean with generous fruit. Grapes are farmed organically and fermented with indigenous yeast. The país or mission grape was once used for sacramental purposes, and was brought to the Americas by the Spanish missionaries. It is a thin-skinned grape that creates a lighter, rustic style of wine. Fantastically refreshing with a slight chill! Organically grown, vegan.

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