The Way Back Sauvignon Blanc California 2018

Article number: The Way Back Sauvignon Blanc California 2018
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Inspired by family road trips, “the way back” refers to the third row of rear-facing seats in a big old 70s station wagon, often coveted by kids for long journeys (in a pre-car seat era!) With its retro-inspired label, The Way Back is a seriously tasty, seriously-made quaff that remains fun-loving at heart. This 100% sauvignon blanc is the result of a collaboration between Tim and Jenn Wanner (Colorado Wine) and Kenny and Lynn Likitprakong (Hobo Wine Co., etc.), with grapes coming from an organically farmed vineyard in Mendocino. The winemaking is similarly clean and straightforward: grapes are fully destemmed, fermented with native yeast, and aged in stainless steel. Crisp and medium-weight, it offers more aromatic restraint than many sauvignon blancs, featuring a mineral-driven character instead. It veers more towards the floral/tropical than the grassy, avoiding a strong grapefruit presence in favor of hints of subtle lemon-lime curd. A well made wine with a laid-back personality, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any sort of gathering. Organically grown, vegan.

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