StilltheOne 9A Single Malt Whiskey

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StilltheOne Distillery Two is located in Port Chester in Westchester, right along the Byram River. They have been perfecting their craft for the last decade, and produce a line of spirits from bespoke honey-based vodkas and gins to whiskies. They use locally grown grains and honey and collaborate with neighboring award-winning craft breweries. They have three stills, each with its own special purpose, and use an array of different barrels and maturation times to make their spirits. The “9A” Single Malt is a collaboration with Broken Bow Brewery, being distilled from their imperial stout. Named after the New York State highway, that spans from NYC to Peekskill, the chocolaty, smoky flavors from the stout come through in the distilling, and aging in American oak barrels imparts some caramel and vanilla flavors as well. The first batch of 9A Single Malt Whiskey is in limited production, with only the First Taste edition bottles released after a 10-month aging time.

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