St. Agrestis 'Spritz' Ready to Drink 200ml

Article number: St. Agrestis 'Spritz' RTD 200ml
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St. Agrestis is a company in Brooklyn that champions the traditions of Italian aperitivi and digestivi, using real herbs, spices, and citrus. Brothers Louie and Matt Catizione head the company with their long-time friend, Steven DeAngelo of Greenhook Ginsmiths. The idea behind this single-serve summer classic: they saw too many bottles of Prosecco opened just to make a spritz or two, then going flat and getting dumped. They're saving the world from wasted wine! Designed around the classic Aperol spritz, this spritz is citrus-driven with layered herbal characteristics, some floral notes, and a bittersweet finish. Enjoy over ice!

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