Salers Aperitif 750ml

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Established in 1885, Salers distillery is the oldest of all of the producers of gentiane liqueur. This unique aperitif is made from the root of Gentiane lutea—a wild flowering plant that grows in the Massif Central of France. It has large, tuberous, bitter roots that have been used for centures as digestive aids and other cures. The distillery is based in the town of Salers, close to the Puy Marie, the highest mountain in the area and the source of the finest gentian root. It is bitter but refreshing, with hints of citrus peel, mint, and anise, and streaks of flowers and earthiness. Salers liqueur is less sweet than its competitors, and they also do not add artificial yellow color, revealing a beautiful, natural straw color. It is classically enjoyed on the rocks with a squeeze of lemon, or in a “Blond Negroni” with gin and white vermouth. It also adds an earthy base note to a variety of cocktails, and with a pinch of salt, it can take on herbal, tequila-like flavors.

16% ABV

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