Robert Ampeau Meursault AOC 1997

Article number: Ampeau Meursault 1997
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Domaine Robert Ampeau is a legendary estate in Burgundy. Especially renowned in Meursault, the domaine has been family-owned and run for five generations. Robert’s son, Michael Ampeau, now runs the domaine, taking the reins when his father unexpectedly passed away in 2004. Never one to sacrifice quality in the interest of rushing wine to market, Robert only released his wines when he believed them to be are truly ready, and Michael continues that family tradition. As a result, this 1997 is just now being released! Bright and shimmering from first sip, this wine provides an ever-evolving symphony of flavors on the palate, including ripe apples, honeycomb, roasted corn nuts, hazelnuts, and sun-dried hay. The distinctive layers unfurl more and more with time, with hints of lime blossom and smoke peeking out from behind ribbons of opulent honey-tinged fruit. Incredibly luscious, this also remains perfectly balanced, firm, and fresh.

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