Punt e Mes Vermouth NV

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The Punt e Mes vermouth is produced by Fratelli Branca, who also produce Carpano Antica. They have been around since 1845, committed to tradition, quality, and innovation. Their cardinal value is awareness: “before acting on something we think about the motivations that move us to do it, we then focus on clarity, correct communication, and the delivery of our enthusiasm”. They are also the producers of the world-famous Fernet Branca. From their website: “Punt e mes is a product with a legendary history. The story goes that in 1870, in the Carpano shop, a stockbroker, in the midst of a discussion with colleagues, ordered a slightly different vermouth with half a dosage of china, using the local dialect “Punt e mes” (a point and a half). Punt e Mes is a vermouth known in the whole world for the correct balance between the intriguing citrus hint of the Carpano range and the bitter coming from china and absinthe”. Enjoy with ice, neat, or with seltzer, but this is great for cocktails that call for vermouth, especially if orange-elements are involved!

16% ABV

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