Pray Tell Gamay Noir Willamette Valley 2017

Article number: Pray Tell Gamay Noir Willamette Valley 2017
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Tom Caruso spent his childhood years helping his grandfather make wine on a city sidewalk in Philadelphia, ironically on the corner of Oregon Avenue. He spent years trying to figure out what career suited him as an adult, but couldn’t resist the call back to winemaking, so he dropped everything and enrolled in wine school where he met Jess. She already had wine experience in San Francisco and the Napa Valley, and was currently working with the beverage program of a restaurant in NYC. They both realized that winemaking was more for them than working in the restaurant side of the industry, and after spending years working at wineries together, they started Pray Tell together in a little corner of the Willamette Valley. This gamay noir is their first release, and it was sourced from two vineyards located at opposite ends of the valley. The wine was fermented spontaneously with indigenous yeast before spending 10 months in neutral French oak, and it is full of fresh red fruit with a touch of white pepper. After some moments in the glass, expressive layers of flowers, blue fruit, and minerality start to shine. This is ready to be enjoyed but can certainly develop with some years of aging. Certified sustainable, vegan.

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