Nuestra Soledad Mezcal Zoquitlan Espadin 750ml

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Nuestra Soledad is owned and operated by the Cortés family, who produce their entire line of mezcals from cultivated Espadín agave. This is unique in that each bottle is from only one single village, so in using the same species of plant, they aim is to show the differences in terroir from village-to-village. This example is distilled by Santa Maria Zoquitlán, situated southeast of Oaxaca, who grows crops like corn and beans but also exotic fruit like watermelon and papaya along with the Espadín. The village appears built into the side of a mountain, made of mud (Zoquitlán actually means “village of mud”). It is a wet, tropical, low-elevation climate, and the mezcals produced here are weighty and muscular, packed with notes of smoked meat, honeysuckle, and sandalwood, with a long, lingering finish of stone fruit and herbs.

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