Noilly Prat Extra-Dry Vermouth 375ml

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Le Maison Noilly Prat is nestled in the port of Marseillan in the South of France, surrounded by sun-drenched vineyards that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. In 1813 Joseph Noilly, a fine wine and spirits merchant, was inspired by the unique ageing process of wine and created his first recipe for French vermouth. His son, Louis, established the company in 1850 based on his father’s recipe, going into the business with his son-in-law Claudius Prat. The “original dry” was featured in one of the world’s first examples of a martini in New York in 1911, and in 2013, the still family-owned company celebrated its bicentennial. The “extra dry” is a blend of dry white wines macerated with botanicals including Roman chamomile and gentian from France, bitter orange peels from Tunisia, and nutmeg from Indonesia. It has herbal and floral aromas, and tastes like dry white wine with a light, delicate bitter finish on the palate. The perfect dry vermouth for a cocktail, this can also be enjoyed on the rocks with a twist!

18% ABV

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