Metal House Cider 'Wild One' 2017

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Kimberly, a painter, and Matt, a builder, began Metal House on a urge to do good by the land, and have worked to restore abandoned ancient orchards in the Hudson Valley to their former fruit-bearing glory days. Employing bio-intensive farming techniques, which focuses on the use of naturally made fertilizers and pest management techniques (akin to biodynamics), they focus their work around the idea of sano, which they state on their website, "means healthy and sound, as in the food we eat, the environment we surround ourselves in, and the ideas we support. Complete. This is the orchard from which we want to harvest apples… An orchard free from unnecessary herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers allows organisms to work with the trees, improving the flavor and characteristics of the fruit. Beneficial flora have the opportunity to thrive." "Wild One" is their first indigenous-yeast-fermented cider, made with their organically grown golden russet, pearmain, goldrush, chestnut crab and wild crab apples. The cider is fermented in glass demijohns, followed by seven months of lees aging in the bottle. This was just disgorged in January 2019. Dry, energetic and gorgeous! Organically grown.

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