Maloof Wines 'Scrambled Sticks' Van Duzer Corridor Johan Vineyard 2018

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Maloof Wines is headed by a husband-and-wife team, Ross and Bee, in Dundee, Oregon. They are dedicated to making low-intervention to best represent the vineyards and farms that the grapes are coming from. Ross had worked for over a decade in the Philadelphia dining scene with a focus on beverage directing, and Bee worked for just as long as a materials science engineer within the aerospace industry, bringing a scientific background into the mix. They developed a passion for wine while traveling in the Willamette Valley, doing internships and spending more and more time there until eventually, they left their careers on the East Coast behind to make wine out West. Johan Vineyard is located in the new Van Duzer Corridor AVA, and the vines are planted on ancient marine sediment. The vineyard is dry-farmed and has been certified biodynamic since 2010. On the name of the wine, Ross says, “This is a happy accident and fun lesson in top grafting.  When you are collecting plant material to top graft, you are essentially just picking up sticks off the ground, which all look the same until they actually bear fruit. There was a little over an acre at Johan that we attempted to graft to Ribolla Gialla, but inadvertently had grafted ~30% of a second variety, Tocai Friulano. It also isn't as clean as "oh hey there's a Ribolla plant, and theres a Tocai plant," as most of the vines have multiple grafting points.  We decided to embrace the mistake and pick it all together as a field blend, thus the Scrambled Sticks”. The wine is 50% ribolla gialla, 28% tocai friulano, and 22% pinot gris, with different proportions of each grape seeing different times of skin contact and time in amphora or barrel. Inspired by the masterfully complex orange wines of Friuli, this is a great bottle to liven up any scenario! Certified biodynamic, low-intervention, vegan.

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