Maloof 'L'Eau Epicee' Sparkling Wine Willamette Valley 2018

Article number: Maloof L'Eau Epicee Sparkling Wine 18
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Maloof Wines is headed by a husband-and-wife team, Ross and Bee, in Dundee, Oregon. Ross worked for over a decade in the Philadelphia restaurant scene with a focus on beverage directing, and Bee worked as a materials science engineer within the aerospace industry, bringing a scientific background into the mix. They developed a passion for wine while traveling in the Willamette Valley, doing internships and spending more and more time there until eventually, they left their careers on the East Coast behind to make wine out West. As for the L’Eau Epicée, from the team: “Not quite sure what to call this method of achieving bubble. Ancestral? Taking suggestions for portmanteaus of Ancestral + Champenoise + Pet Nat. Maybe, Ancestropetnoise?” They made three lots of still wine, each fermented to dryness before a blend of 65% riesling, 20% gewürztraminer, and 15% skin-contact gewürztraminer was created. Then, they threw in some freshly thawed riesling that they froze at crush, stirred it up, and bottled it, making bubbles a couple months later! The wine is dry with a rich texture, soft bubbles, and bright citrus and pineapple acidity! Organically grown, low-intervention, vegan.

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