Luca Ferraris Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato DOCG 2017

Article number: Luca Ferraris Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato DOCG 2017
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The story of the Luca Ferraris winery is almost literally the stuff of legend: during the 19th century, Luca's great-grandfather, Luigi Ferraris, emigrated to America to seek his fortune during the Gold Rush. Striking gold, he sent the money back to his wife, Luca's great-grandmother, Bruno Teresa, who bought the house in Via al Castello that housed the original winery in 1921. Two years later, Luca’s grandfather Martino purchased “Il Casot”, which at that time was nothing but a simple rural hut in the middle of 40,000 square meters of land. Martino planted vines and bought barrels in order to be able to make wine with his own grapes in his own cellar. In 2009 a new winery was built to modernize production and accommodate increasing demand, particularly for Ferraris' ruchè wines. The ruchè grape is still relatively rare, but possesses the potential for making truly elegant wines. Sourced from a diverse selection of low-yielding vineyards, 'Clasic' represents a traditional Piedmontese style of winemaking, highlighting ruchè's aromatic, complex nature. Fermented in stainless steel, it is then aged 6-9 months in large oak barrels, before being bottled unfiltered. Ruby colored, it unfurls layer upon layer of perfumed rose petals, cherry jam, and spicy pink peppercorn. Vibrant acidity provides lift to the palate, while the gentlest kiss of oak softens the finish.

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