Los Nahuales Mezcal Joven 750ml

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Los Nahuales mezcal is distilled at the Déstileria Los Danzantes in Santiago Matalan, the world capital of mezcal, south of Oaxaca City. It is owned and operated by identical twins Jaimé and Gustavo Muñoz, who also own five restaurants, including the well-known Los Danzantes in Oaxaca City. They purchased the small distillery in 1997 to create a dependable supply of high-quality mezcal for their restaurants. They have since expanded and are able to export, but it is still a small quantity, and it is regarded by many as the best mezcal in regular production. It is aged 2 ½ years in French oak and full of rich herbal and citrus flavors with a very long, mildly smoky finish.

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