Linie Aquavit 750ml

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Linie dates back to 1805 and is the oldest aquavit brand in the world. The Lysholm family was involved in Norwegian trading, and used to ship potato aquavit to the East Indies, where the people had no interest in it, so it went back to Norway. After its two-year journey on the sea, it was discovered that the taste had vastly improved! In the 200 years since, every bottle of Linie gets sent on a similar journey on the seas to mature. The recipe also has not changed since its inception, using potatoes distilled in pot stills with a blend of Nordic herbs and spices. It’s then placed in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks before embarking on its trademark voyage. Wonderfully smooth and balanced, it offers up heavy notes of caraway and star anise and hints of vanilla and sherry.

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