Les Chardons Gamay Touraine AOC 2018

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Domaine Les Chardons is an organic family winery located in Touraine, near the middle of the Loire Valley. Husband and wife team Thierry and Sophie Chardons cultivate 115 acres of vines organically, having made the switch in the late 2000s after realizing the extra work paid off in spades when it came to quality and flavor. Thierry grew up in a winemaking family, but moved away to become a firefighter after his family was forced to sell their vineyards. Years later, he and Sophie decided to return with their own young family and buy a vineyard of their own, with wonderful results! This gamay makes for a great addition to your lineup of season-spanning wines, and a fantastic value as well. This is a different beast than a Beaujolais gamay: a true mineral-driven expression, evoking fresh red berries sprouting from the cracks of rock slabs. Refreshing and dry throughout, it opens with a distinctive funky earthiness on the nose, which quickly yields to bright red and dark fruit tones accented by hints of perfume and spice. It expresses further depth with notes of white and black pepper, and a touch of forest floor without being heavy or cloying. Bright and clean, it's ready to drink now! Certified organic.

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