La Miraja Grignolino d'Asti DOC 2018

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The estate of La Miraja is situated in an 11th century castle of Castagnole Monferrato in Piedmont. The armory of the castle was repurposed as a cellar in the 1400s. Today it is owned and operated by seventh-generation viticulturist, Eugenio Gatti, who produces a miniscule 840 cases a year. Considered “off-the-beaten-path” compared to other Piedmont estates, La Miraja produces some of the lesser-known gems of the region, including Ruché and this Grignolino d’Asti. The name “Grignolino” comes from the Piemontese word “grignole,” which means “the pips” in the local dialect. The grape is rich in pips, or seeds, and as a result often yields tannic wines. Eugenio has made his in a very light, aromatic, complex style that he recommends serving chilled. It may be light in body, but it packs plenty of flavor with an elegant structure.

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