La Medida Mezcal Tepeztate 750ml

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La Medida, translates to “the measure,” is a collaborative brand created by Julián Vidal Gómez Rodríguez, formerly of Del Maguey. Once mezcal started to get heavily commercialized, he left Del Maguey to start a project that would help open the door to artisanal mezcal, co-founding his brand with the enigmatic legend, Don Celso. Julian works with his son and several highly regarded mezcaleros in Miahuatlan, San Baltazar Guelavila, and Río Goela to showcase a diverse range of wild and cultivated single-variety bottlings. The Tepeztate variety grows at high elevations, usually out of sheer rock walls and cliff faces, takes 20-25 years of growing in the wild to reach maturity, and can grow to be the size of a small car. It is arguably the most varietally consistent agave, with notes of green bananas, soft flowers, bell peppers, and melons, with a classic, gentle smokiness.

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