La Grange aux Belles '53' Cabernet Franc Vin de France 2018

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La Grange aux Belles is a relative newcomer to the Loire Valley wine scene, founded in 2004 and releasing its first vintage in 2008. It is managed by Marc Houtin, Julien Bresteau, and Gérald Peau in Anjou. Marc, the founder, used to work for a major oil company before pursuing an enology degree in 2001. He eventually found 9 hectares of vineyards in Anjou after a lengthy search in both the Languedoc and Loire. Unlike many in the region, Marc had no family connections to the world of wine, but he persevered in spite of the steep learning curve, turning the vineyard organic and using biodynamic methods as well (although not seeking organic or biodynamic certification). In contrast to the tannic, high-acid reds common to Anjou, La Grange aux Belles focuses on producing light-bodied aromatic wines, low in tannins and alcohol. ‘Cuvée 53’ is especially unique; made from a cabernet franc vineyard planted in 1953, vinified in unlined concrete vats without the addition of sulfur. It boasts incredible purity of fruit, and a lovely richness of flavor that somehow still remains light and refreshing. Delicate mineral notes and juicy berries dance across each sip, and it’s even better with a slight chill! Organically grown, low-intervention, vegan.

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