Hiyu 'Aura' Columbia Gorge White 2017

Article number: Hiyu Aura White Columbia Gorge 2017
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Hiyu is a 30-acre farm situated in the Hood River Valley in the Columbia Gorge region of Oregon. It is 22mi from the summit of Mt. Hood, and the vines are planted in silt loam over basalt on a southeast-facing hillside above the Hood River. In terms of climate and terroir, it is most comparable to winegrowing areas in the Alps; the Savoie, Valais, and Valle d’Aosta. Not all 30 acres of the farm are vines; they also have a field and pasture, a market garden, 4 acres of forest and a pond. They do not employ mowing or tilling, it’s all done by pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, and geese, and they spray 85% less material than a typical organic or biodynamic vineyard. No sulfur is used whatsoever; instead, they apply cinnamon oil and other herbal teas to combat mildew. They also have over 80 different varieties of grapes, with several different clones of many to capture a different moment in the genetic history of grapevines. The “Aura” is made by placing pinot gris in the bottom of the fermenter and gently crushing it by foot, and then pinot noir is placed whole cluster on top of it. They spent 8 days macerating before being pressed into neutral barrels where they age for 18 months. The wine is salmon in color but dense and powerful, with aromas of reductive smoke, meat and spice, orange rind and mineral. Sustainably grown.

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