Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon 750ml

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Hillrock Estate Distillery is located in Ancram, NY, about an hour northeast of our shop, close to the Massachusetts and Connecticut borders. The estate has a beautiful Georgian house that was built by a successful grain merchant and Revolutionary War Captain, dating back to 1806 (hence why they chose to put 1806 on the bottle). Owner Jeff Baker and master distiller Dave Pickerell are producing some of the finest handcrafted small-batch whiskies in New York, using their own floor malted grain distilled in a copper pot still and aged in fine oak. They are one of the few remaining “field-to-glass” whiskey producers in the world and the first in the USA to floor malt on site since Prohibition. They are able to reflect the unique local terroir in their quality products by controlling every step of production. The Solera Aged Bourbon is the first American whiskey to be aged using the solera method that makes the finest Sherries, Ports, Madeiras, and Cognacs. The bourbon is finished in 20-year-old Olorosso Sherry casks, giving it floral notes with fig, roasted walnuts, candied fruit, and spicy rye. The depth and complexity in this bourbon are astounding, and the velvety texture on the palate is finished sharply for incredible balance.

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