Germain-Robin Old Havana Brandy 750ml

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Hubert Germain-Robin comes from a family that had been producing Cognac since 1782, but found his way to America. Ansley Coale picked up Hubert hitchhiking along route 101 north of San Francisco, and the two discussed distillation and his dream to continue his family tradition, eventually partnering to found Craft Distillers. Germain-Robin distills grape brandy in Mendocino County, California, based on unusually high quality wine grapes in a small, antique pot still purchased from an abandoned distillery in Cognac. He handcrafted this brandy to pair with Cuban-leaf cigars, hence the name “Old Havana”. It’s a blend of 20 different brandies in a solera system, featuring nine different varieties, all working together in perfect harmony. It has a luscious mouthfeel, and a lingering, rich finish. It features aromas of vanilla and milk chocolate with layers of citrus, creamy sherry, and red fruits on the palate and a touch of oak, spice, and pear on the finish. This incredible brandy is no longer in production, so grab the last of it for a real treat!

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