Franzen Elbling Mosel 2018

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The area of the Bremmer Calmont lies in the lower part of Germany’s Upper Mosel. These sheer vertical vineyards (among the steepest in the world) had been cultivated for millennia, but were all but abandoned by the 1980s. Ulrich Franzen dedicated himself to the almost overwhelming task of recultivation, with the vision of bringing the Bremmer Calmont back to its former glory. Tragically, in the midst of this project, Ulrich lost his wife. His son Kilian and Kilian’s fiancée, Angelina, still students at the time, returned home to take over the estate. Today they have 5 hectares of vines in the Calmont, as well as plantings in the nearby Neefer Frauenberg and Klosten Stuben vineyards. While their primary focus is riesling, they also have small amounts of pinot and elbling, an ancient white grape thought to have been planted in the Mosel by the Romans. This bottle highlights the obscure and overlooked elbling- with delicious results. Vines are up to 90 year old, rooted into the terraced slate, which lends intense concentration and focus to the wines. Fermentations take place spontaneously, and the wines go through malolactic. Light and zippy, but with breadth and texture on the palate, this bursts with bright lemon/lime juice and exotic tropical aromas. Bone dry, it finishes with herbaceous, saline notes that’ll keep you coming back for sip after sip.

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