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Fernet-Branca’s history is profoundly Italian. It began in 1845 thanks to Bernardino Branca: its unique and still-secret recipe, using ingredients from all over the globe, has made Fernet-Branca the world’s most popular Italian liqueur. With the creation of its amaro, the company Fratelli Branca Distillerie was founded and a short while later the first production factory was built in Corso di Porta Nuova in Milan, which employed more than 300 workers. The story surrounding Branca is about people as well as Italy and has earned its place in folklore thanks also to the aura of mystery that has always surrounded the product: the secret formula, that is still hidden away in a safe that can only be accessed by the company’s chairman, and which continues to be bequeathed from father to son. Fernet-Branca’s first advertisement appeared in the daily newspaper “La Perseveranza” in 1865. In this first 10×10 cm print, Fernet-Branca is referred to simply as Fernet and is described as having a range of beneficial properties that can relieve the ailments of people suffering from fevers and states of anxiety. In 2009 the Branca Collection Museum was unveiled within the Fratelli Branca Distillerie industrial complex. The natural bitter taste of Fernet-Branca and its herbs mingle harmoniously on the palate with a wide range of spices. It finishes with an unexpected softness that is structured by tannins with just a touch of minty, balsamic sweetness.

39% ABV

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