Ferme Apicole Desrochers 'Beezz IP' Dry Mead 375ml

Article number: Ferme Apicole Desrochers 'Beezz IP' Dry Mead 375ml
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Ferme Apicole Desrochers is led by second-generation apiarist and mead maker Naline Dupuis Desrochers and her partner Géraud Bonnet. In the early 70s, Naline’s parents left Montreal for the country. They landed in a municipality called Ferme-Neuve, about 2.5 hours northwest, defined by a stunning landscape of mountains, rivers, and so much abundant nature. The apiary started small, after they attended a local beekeeping workshop and later received a beehive in the mail. Though they had some serious studying up to do... fast forward to 2019 the second generation is now managing roughly 1,200 hives, continuing to innovate the fermentation process. Unlike grape must, mead needs added yeast to start fermentation, so while many producers use commercial wine yeasts purchased out of a catalogue, Naline and Géraud devised a way to cultivate their own starter with yeast found on flower pollen. Their meads span the gamut from the precise and crystalline to the funky, fun, and sessionable. The ‘Beezz IP’ is effervescent and made with whiteflower and buckwheat honey, which are quite rich, but it is steeped with several different varieties of hops. It has a touch of honey character up front, but is similar to an IPA with a very hoppy, bitter finish.

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