Felline Salento Rosso IGP 'Alberello' 2015

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Felline has a long history, the protagonist of the success of the Primitivo di Manduria and milestone of the project Accademia dei Racemi that gave impetus to the revival of numerous indigenous grapes. The name comes from a vast archaeological area of Manduria, a short distance from its famous beaches, where there are the remains of an ancient city, called Felline. The sites are linked to a legend that still feeds religious rites in honor of St. Peter. It is said that the Holy One, departed from Antioch in 45 AD for Rome committed to the mission to spread Christianity, was ship wrecked and landed right on one of the beaches near Manduria. Felline people gave him first aid and assistance, welcoming him in the village, even if there was an epidemic plague underway. St. Peter freed the people and their king, Fellone from leprosy working miraculous healings that led the entire community to convert to the new religion. From Felline, he then went to Rome where he founded the Catholic Church becoming the first Pope in history. Gregory Perrucci adopted old, fallow parcels of vineyard land in Puglia to focus on the research, vinification, and commercialization of the region’s native vineyards and regional varietals. The ‘Alberello’ is a blend of equal parts negroamaro and primitivo (zinfandel) aged in only stainless steel and is dark and inky in color but medium bodied, full of fresh and baked red and dark fruit and a hint of spice, with a silky texture and firm tannin structure.

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