Eve's Cidery Perry Pear 2018

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Eve’s Cidery’s two orchard sites sit perched on either side of the geological divide between the Southern Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau, and was planted and built by hand by Autumn Stoscheck when she was just 21 years old with her waitressing savings. She had become enamored with the hard and meaningful work of sustainable farming with a past of being immersed in art as a child, and for her, growing apples and making cider was the intersection of creativity and labor that she craved. Her whole team is full of people who found themselves wanting to create more with their hands and left their careers to care for orchards, work with nature, and create stunning ciders that express terroir and communicate a place, a time, and a deeper meaning. The ‘Perry Pear’ is a traditional-method sparkling Perry that is made with wild-foraged pears and is beautifully structured and bone dry. A pretty nose of white flowers and sweet pastry leads to a firm, structured palate with refreshing white tea flavors. The acid strikes first, then tannin, limes, salt, and more white flowers on the finish.

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