Enderle & Moll Grauburgunder Baden 2018

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Endrele & Moll is a two-man team out of Baden, known to push the boundaries of winemaking in this under-the-radar region. While their pinot noirs seem like a Germanic, rustic expression of red Burgundy, the whites are entirely experimental. According to the importer, the pair are not huge fans of extended skin contact and their wines don't taste much like most other "orange wines" that are out there. The color of the wine results not from long macerations but rather from 25% or so of the pressed grape skins being used to fill up the barrels - a modified skin contact that brings some richer colors and flavors to the wines without becoming too intensely tannic, oxidative or volatile. So goes for this grauburgunder, more commonly known as pinot gris. The skins are normally pretty red but the wines have traditionally been fermented without any skins because there's not enough pigment to make a "deep-colored" red wine (the lighter-colored wines were long seen as inferior by the previous generation). 2018 was a year that made for heavily pigmented skins in Baden, even more so than normal. So with a bit of skin contact during the fermentation we have a light ruby, almost garnet-colored pinot gris - a wine that is neither white, rosé, nor red, but something existing its own realm entirely. Organically grown, low-intervention, vegan.

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