Empirical Spirits "Charlene McGee"

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Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, who both worked at the widely acclaimed restaurant Noma, founded Empirical Spirits in Denmark in 2017. They say, “We’re inspired by the Empirical method: the belief that knowledge is gained from experiences; gathered using the senses. Focusing on flavor and detail, our company blends low temperature distillation techniques, fermentation, and unique, high-quality ingredients sourced carefully by hand all over the world to create spirits through the eyes of a chef." They distill under vacuum, allowing them to capture and preserve the finer notes of the ingredients used. All of their spirits are double fermented as well to add depth and complexity. The “Charlene McGee” is a juniper spirit named for a Steven King character inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of smoking foods, smoking the juniper berries along with juniper wood. They also use barley, koji, Belgian Saison yeast, and Pilsner malt. The final blend is matured in Oloroso Sherry casks, imparting a faintly sweet and woody note. To put it simply, it’s like crossing an amazing mezcal with a gin!

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