Elijah Craig 18 Year Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon 750ml

Article number: Elijah Craig 18 Year Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon
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Elijah Craig was a Baptist preacher in the 1800s in Kentucky. He wore many hats, but had a gift as a distiller and entrepreneur that has earned him the title of “The Father of Bourbon”. No one is sure of when and how he started charring barrels, but it is still documented that he was the first to age whiskey in charred oak barrels. Today, Heaven Hill Distillery produces the Elijah Craig line. It is small batch: the master distillers hand-select certain barrels to achieve the perfect balance of body and flavor. This special release comes solely from one barrel, rather than many blended together. This whiskey is robust and bold yet smooth and complex: truly a special addition to one’s collection.

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