Domaine No Control 'Heaven Cider' NV

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Originally from cider county in Normandy, Vincent Marie studied marketing then took a job in Alsace where he fatefully stumbled upon natural wine. After quitting his day job, Vincent spent three years working under Bruno Schueller and Patrick Meyer, two of the most forward thinking natural wine producers in France, before landing in Auvergne with a tiny 1.5 hectares of vines (now up to 5ha). While he grows chardonnay, gamay, and syrah, we were told that Vincent always wanted to make a cider, harking back to his roots in Normandy. His “HeavenCider” is made at his winery in Auvergne from cider apples purchased from Normandy. Seemingly inspired by keeved ciders of Northern France, this has the perfect balance of sweet and funk (proverbial “barn candy” or “sweet horse” if you will). Those familiar with the ciders of Manoir du Kinkiz or Domaine Lesuffleur will certainly find similarities - full-bodied, amber, impeccably melding barnyard, sweetness, and tannin. Organically grown, low-intervention, vegan.

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