Dennings Point Distillery Maid of the Meadow Vodka 750ml

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Dennings Point Distillery is a craft distillery in Beacon, located less than a mile away from our shop! They were winners of “Best Hudson Valley Distillery” in 2015, 2016, and 2017, and offer a nice range of spirits, using only the highest quality grains from local farms. They are very high-tech and have a love for gadgetry, monitoring equipment and temperatures on their iPhones, and they’re very proud of their custom-built hybrid still that combines the best aspects of a traditional pot still and a modern column still. The Maid of the Meadow is vodka that’s truly reflective of the abundance found in our Hudson Valley, infused with wild herbs and honey. It has aromas of honey and peaches and a touch of lemon balm, raspberry, and roasted roots on the palate, but it is not sweet or honeyed! It’s lovely over ice or with a splash of dry sparkling wine, or it could add depth and complexity to vodka-based cocktails!

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