Dennings Point Beacon Whiskey 8 Year Old 750ml

Article number: Beacon Whiskey 8 Yr Old
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Dennings Point Distillery is a craft distillery in Beacon, located less than a mile away from our shop! They were winners of “Best Hudson Valley Distillery” in 2015, 2016, and 2017, and they offer a nice range of spirits, using only the highest quality grains from local farms. They are very high-tech and have a love for gadgetry, monitoring equipment and temperatures on their iPhones, and they’re very proud of their custom-built hybrid still that combines the best aspects of a traditional pot still and a modern column still. The Beacon Whiskey is aged for 8 years in charred American oak, giving it wonderful aromas of vanilla and caramel with a dash of cinnamon and butterscotch on the finish. It is distilled entirely from corn, making it lusciously smooth but deceptive; it’s quite strong at 104 proof, but drinks like it’s much lower!

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