Crnko Laski Rizling Stajerska 2018

Article number: Crnko Laski Rizling Stajerska 2018
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Črnko Winery is a family-run estate located in the northeast corner of Slovenia, just across the border with Austria. Two generations work on the farm: father Srečko, mother Joica, their son Silvo and his wife, Alenka. Silvo and Alenka are both agronomists and contribute much of their knowledge and experience to their work in the vineyards. This wine is made from 100% laski rizling, and no, it’s not riesling! (Also known as welschriesling in Austria, it has absolutely no relation to the riesling grape.) This offering is surprisingly similar to a Vinho Verde, in that it’s light, a little spritzy, and citrusy with mouthwatering acidity. Organically grown.

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