Cocchi Amaro Dopo Teatro 500ml

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Cocci has been producing wine-based aperitifs since 1891, and has been owned and operated by the Bava family since 1978. Giulio Cocchi was a young pastry chef from Florence who moved to Asti in the late 19th century and established himself as a distiller and winemaker. His products became well known during the Belle Epoque and Italian Futurist periods, and by 1913 there were twelve Cocchi tasting bars in Piemonte. Today, the winery maintains its artisan character and follows Giulio’s original recipes. The name Dopo Teatro refers to the late-evening “after theater” service at restaurants and cafes in Torino, a gathering time for a sip of something bittersweet and maybe a small bite to eat. This is a vermouth primarily with added bitterness (it uses Cocchi’s classic Vermouth di Torino as its base). From there, a number of botanicals, including rhubarb, chiretta flowers, and a double dose of cinchona bark (quinine), are added. The result is a robust amaro that retains the refreshing acidity of the original Vermouth. It is traditionally sipped chilled with a lemon twist, but it can also add bitterness and elegance to Negronis or Manhattans, and is also great mixed with bourbon, rye, mezcal, or gin.

16% ABV

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