Clairin Le Rocher Rum Haiti 750ml

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Tiny micro-distilleries dot the island of Haiti, making their version of rum using the most traditional methods. While most French speaking islands make rum from molasses, clarain is made from fresh sugar cane juice that’s been boiled down, making it the juice safer to transport through the island, reducing the risk of unplanned in-transit fermentation taking place. This places clarain somewhere stylistically between Rhum Agricole of Martinique and Jamaican Rums. La Rocher use 30% dunder (sour mash) to kick-start fermentation, similar to the traditional Jamaican production style, which lends some funkier flavors to the spirit. Stills are hand-made and the rum is distilled to a low proof but retains more flavor and mouthfeel and not watered down at all. Clarain Le Rocher pops with sweet mesquite, burnt rubber, cotton candy, coconut, and a touch of golden raisin. This makes for a fabulous daiquiri or tea punch and drinks amazingly on its own.

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