Cidrerie du Vulcain Brute Bestiale 2017

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Located in Fribourg, Switzerland, Cidrerie du Vulcain is named after the local Vulcain (Red Admiral) butterfly that feeds on the juice of fallen apples. Founder and cider maker Jacques Perritaz was once a biologist working for the Swiss government on the preservation of natural habitats. He became interested in wine and did some short internships with several Swiss wineries, until he started finding neglected apple and pear trees that turned out to be ancient cider varieties. Inspired by Normandy’s Eric Bordelet, he started taking some of the ancient Swiss cider apples and producing ciders like no other. The Brut Bestiale is actually made with apples from Normandy, including Upper Normandy GAEC Johannes apples (sweet, bitter) and 30% Perche apples (acidic) from further south. This cider is relatively rich in flavor, with notes of winter spice, especially clove, a touch of sauvage with a base of salinity, and crisp, dry apple. Organically grown.

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