Channing Daughters Scuttlehole Chardonnay Long Island 2017

Article number: Channing Daughters Scuttlehole Chardonnay 2017
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Christopher Tracy, winemaker and wearer of many other hats, has created an array of compelling wines. Tracy essentially fell in love with winemaking: he initially began visiting Long Island tasting wines, then began to spend more time during visits, eventually helping out at the winery until he was finally helping in the winemaking process. The variety of grapes grown and vinified at Channing Daughters is dizzying, including standbys such as chardonnay and cabernet franc, but expanding to malvasia, dornfelder and blaufränkisch, and the list goes on. Long Island is a climate unique to New York because of the cool, Atlantic breezes, which makes it hospitable to such a wide variety of grapes. They prioritize sustainability and allowing the wines to express a sense of place; these are handcrafted wines with intensive labor and care put into them. They love chardonnay at Channing Daughters, aiming for a pure, clean style that celebrates the fruit of Long Island and is versatile at the table, and this one from both the North and South Forks certainly fits the bill. They use the classic Dijon clones, fermented in stainless steel without undergoing malolactic fermentation, resulting in a crisp, dry style with aromas of orchard fruit and minerals. A distinct creaminess on the palate lets you know it’s chardonnay while still remaining light on its feet. Sustainably grown, New York State.

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