Cerro la Barca Vegas Altas Eva De Los Santos Blanco Vino de la Tierra de Extremadura 2018

Article number: Cerro la Barca Vegas Altas Eva De Los Santos Blanco 2018
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Cerro la Barca is run by two best friends, Juan Sojo and Ángel Luis Gonzáles, who studied oenology together and wanted to make wine together. Ángel comes from an agricultural background, while Juan comes from chemistry, making quite the dynamic duo. They have a passion for their homeland of Extremadura, Spain, and had a desire to prove it’s winemaking potential while only growing organically. Their vineyards are all certified, and they follow some biodynamic principles as well, especially the cycle of the moon. They are the only producer that is fully organic in the Extremadura, and they have even revived an almost-forgotten variety of the region: Eva de los Santos. This wine is light and crisp, but very expressive of orchard fruit, particularly pear, and flowers. It has a touch of aniseed on the nose, which is very particular of this grape, giving it a touch of intrigue while being simple and refreshing. Certified organic.

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