Cardamaro Vino Amaro NV 750ml

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Rachele Torlasco Bosca was a scholar and connoisseur of the beneficial qualities of many wild plants who spent most of her life in search of the perfect product based on herbs which contained the quality to invigorate the body and spirit. It is said that in the 50’s she became fascinated with the ingestion of Nizza Monferrato (the region) cardoon (a thistle in the sunflower family also known as artichoke thistle or globe artichoke) and its benefits towards liver stimulation. She began tirelessly testing recipes containing this vegetable with alcohol maceration together with some herbs. Over the years, the family’s herbalists have refined the recipe, integrating it with the constant addition of medicinal herbs. The final formula was defined when it was discovered that the cardoon and 23 other herbs (secret recipe), when handled through a wine-based process and aged in new oak for six months would lead to the best product, and Cardamaro was born as the only wine bitter based on cardoon, an ingredient recognized by Slow Food as imperative to Piedmontese gastronomy. Warm spices, citrus, and floral notes give complexity and versatility to this amaro, and it can be enjoyed on its own with nuts and cheese as an aperitif or digestif. It also mixes well with ginger ale or whiskey, or it can be substituted for whiskey in a lighter-style Manhattan.

17% ABV

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