Capoverso Syrah Cortona DOC 2015

Article number: Capoverso Syrah Cortona DOC 2015
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Adriana Avignonesi della Lucill comes from a long line of winemakers: her mother’s family (Avignonesi) has been making wine in Montepulciano since the 15th century, evidenced by a large historical cellar underneath the palazzo Avignonesi. In the late 1970s, her parents together founded a new estate under the Avignonesi name, which her father and uncle acquired after her parents separated. In 2000, her mother began Capoverso, and Adriana joined her after Avignonesi was sold to a Belgian group in 2006. “Capoverso” in Italian means “new paragraph” and is used when starting a new sentence to begin a new subject in a document. Adriana now owns the company, and strives to make wines that are based on drinkability and freshness without sacrificing structure. This 100% syrah sees no oak, being aged only in stainless steel and in bottle, giving it a wonderful freshness with a lively bouquet full of red fruit. It is dry on the palate with a velvety, medium body, rustic tannin, and a streak of herbs. Almost evoking a sangiovese in character, it is unmistakably Tuscan in style!

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