Campolargo 'Rol de Coisas Antigas' Tinto Bairrada 2012

Article number: Campolargo 'Rol de Coisas Antigas' Tinto Bairrada 2012
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Third-generation winemakers Jorge and Carlos Campolargo head the eponymous winery started (in spirit) by their grandfather Martinho who produced red wine back in the 1920's. Campolargo as an official winemaking venture was formed in 2000, and they have significant vineyard holdings (110 hectares Quinta de S. Mateus and 60 hectares Quinta de Vale de Azar) and a wide range of native Portuguese and international grape varieties. "Rol de Coisas Antigas" is a blend of several red grape varieties, resulting in an elegant, powerful red with real aging potential, as well as immediate drinkability. The grapes are partially destemmed and co-fermented in small vats. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is transferred to used oak barrels where it rests for 12 months before bottling. Brilliant balance between fruit and oak, the wine expresses a certain seriousness, complexity, and finesse that can be lacking in field blends.

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