Caballito Cerrero Blanco Chato Destilado de Agave

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Caballito Cerrero’s motto is “El que no necesita Herraduras” (“the one that does not require horseshoes”), and the name itself translates to “wild pony” (which don’t need horseshoes). It was founded in Jalisco in 1950 by Don Alfonso Jiménez Rosales when he separated from Tequila Herradura, a company of which he was a founding partner. They chose not to label their product as tequila so that they could use other varieties of agave than just Blue Weber, in respect of the agave growing traditions within the Amatitán region where their family has made distillate from agave for fifteen generations. The “Châto” in the name refers to an unclassified sub-varietal of A. angustifolia, one of the many different types that were once used to make tequila long ago. The spirit is light and fresh, with some sweet notes up front and a grassy herbaceous finish.

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